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Fiona Carvell, Wild Abandon, 2021, Unison Colour Pastels on UART paper, 18 x 18 inches. Available. Exhibited with The Pastel Society UK 2022

Fiona Carvell – The Physicality Of Still Life

I’m delighted to introduce you to pastellist Fiona Carvell. I can’t remember when I first came across Fiona’s work but I do remember that I was knocked over when I saw her cool ladle and kitchen utensil paintings. I was already familiar with her money plant still life paintings with their intricate relationships between subjects

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Olga Abramova, "Summer Shadows," 2021, pastel, 90 x 90 cm - detail.

Olga Abramova – Moments of Quiet Contemplation

I remember the moment I encountered the work of Olga Abramova. It was at the 2019 IAPS exhibition in Albuquerque. I walked in and saw this large painting of a bodhum with a steaming cup of coffee in front of it. A couple of jars completed the scene with the whole thing set contre-jour. This

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Seeing Colour In Greys – “Sipping Patrón”

If you know me, you know I LOVE colour! I love painting with bright colours and then, when needed, layering pastels to create greys. This de-intensifies the saturated colours. Seeing colours in greys can sometimes be tricky. It all just looks grey! With time, deep looking, and the tips below, you’ll see the colour that’s

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Paint Anything With My Set of Soft Pastels!

That’s a rather bold statement I realise but I mean it: Paint anything with this set of soft pastels! And the set I’m talking about is my brand new set of 36 pastels just launched by Unison Colour. It’s the one that’s taken me two years plus to develop.  So why did it take me

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Loriann Signori On Risk-Taking

Some painters wow you with their use of colour. Others evoke an emotional response through their work. My guest this month manages to do both at the same time. Artist Loriann Signori uses the luscious vibrant colour of soft pastels to their full effect, creating luminous spaces that elicit feelings of deep pleasure. When I

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Silja Salmistu – Tackling The Darkness In The Nursery

Every October for the last four years, I’ve run a 31-pastels-in-31-days Challenge in my HowToPastel Facebook group. It’s awesome to see all the work and everyone pushing themselves (cos the going does get tough!). I think it was in our first or second year when this month’s guest, Silja Salmistu, was posting her still life

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Jeri Greenberg, "Tipped," 2019, Richeson/Nupastels, 9x14 in. Available

Jeri Greenberg – On Loving Still Life

Hey! It’s time for another guest post. Whoo hoo! And I was thinking it was time to move to the still life as subject. With this thought came berries in glass and unmade beds….namely the work of this month’s guest, Jeri Greenberg! I’ve featured Jeri’s work three times in my monthly roundups. The first was

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