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Blog cover - what pastels should I buy?

What Pastels Should I Buy?

What pastels should I buy? This is probably the most common question I get from those who are just starting out in soft pastels. And it’s often followed by: I’m so confused!  It’s a simple question, right? But, the answer isn’t so simple.

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Lightfastness In Pastels – D8330 – A New Standard

Lightfastness in pastels. Is this something you’ve given any thought to? I have. And I haven’t. To tell you the truth, somehow, I thought we already had a general standard for lightfastness in place. Schmincke pastels from Germany note lightfastness on the pastel wrapper – five stars mean excellent lightfastness, one star, definitely fugitive. But

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Don’t Use This Tape To Attach Paper To Your Board!

“Blue and green should never be seen” – ever heard that saying? It’s an oldie that generally applied to fashion and home decor. Personally, I could never understand it as I’ve always loved blues and greens together – think green trees against a blue sky!! BUT, I’ve found a place where blue and green really

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My Unison Colour Set and What Others Have Painted With It!

“I love the gorgeous colours in your Unison Colour set but I’m not sure if they will work for me.” I’ve heard this from a couple of people recently. So I poked a bit further and asked why they think this. Their answers: “I paint animals and I don’t see any browns and greys in

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Paint Anything With My Set of Soft Pastels!

That’s a rather bold statement I realise but I mean it: Paint anything with this set of soft pastels! And the set I’m talking about is my brand new set of 36 pastels just launched by Unison Colour. It’s the one that’s taken me two years plus to develop.  So why did it take me

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Gail at her easel -an easel seen from the back

Do You Need An Easel?

Recently in our HowToPastel Facebook group, I read this question: “I’m a beginner and I am starting to gather the needed materials. Do I need an easel and what would you recommend?” (Thanks Dolores M!) And my answer is… Heck yes!!! Okay, you may be asking, WHY do I need an easel Gail? And specifically,

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Use a Viewfinder: three examples

How To Use A Viewfinder To See Colour

I’ve just returned from teaching two different still life workshops to members of the Southwest Florida Pastel Society (SWFPS). I had an amazing time with a bunch of committed artists who were warm and friendly, and who put up with my insistence on them doing thumbnails! Naturally, I encouraged them to use a viewfinder to

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