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Understanding Colour Temperature

Uncover the magic and mysteries of colour temperature. Let’s look at why it’s so important to understand this aspect of colour!

Dive into the fun of seeing my self-portrait come to life with unconventional colours. Restriction can be so beneficial!

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Understanding Colour Temperature

Uncover the magic and mysteries of colour temperature. Let’s look at why it’s so important to understand this aspect of colour!

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As artists, it’s amazing how hard on ourselves we can be! Just a few mistakes, just a few missed days in the studio and bam, and we are beating ourselves up. Here’s one thing to do about that!

Packing for a Plein Air Trip - My wood tray with assorted stuff: Styrofoam tray for pastels in use, tissue standing in for wet wipes that I need to go buy!, compact mirror, Body Shop Hemp cream, sketchbook and pencils, bungee cord, two types of tape, viewfinder.

Packing for a Plein Air Trip to PACE

Packing for a plein air trip shouldn’t be difficult. The problem is our tendency to want everything with us. Here’s how to pack light!

The Making Of “Black Hats” – From Concept To IAPS Exhibition

The 42nd IAPS Open Division Online Exhibition is now open for viewing. And I’m happy to say that my painting, Black Hats, was accepted into the show. Oh what a feeling!!! I’m even more delighted to share that this acceptance gives me the fifth point necessary to add IAPS/MC after my name. Whoo hoo! So

Taking Small Steps: The Key to Achieving Your Art Goals

We all know that, for us, art-making is our way to express ourselves. It’s how we explore our creative side. But, for many of us, finding the time, motivation, and skills to make art can be a challenge. That’s why taking small steps is so important. It’s by taking small steps that we travel our art path.  Small consistent steps will build momentum and help you move past obstacles that

Bill Cone pastel. This painting and the one below were painted a few years after my earlier ones. They were painted one after another, in the late afternoon.

Bill Cone – On Returning To The Same Location

I’m a huge fan of the pastel paintings by Bill Cone! Truth be told, I was slightly anxious about reaching out to ask him if he would consider contributing a guest post to HowToPastel. But I did and, oh my, he said Yes!! I can’t wait to share his words of wisdom with you! Before we get going, a teaser image and a wee bit about Bill Cone. (He took

Fiona Carvell, Wild Abandon, 2021, Unison Colour Pastels on UART paper, 18 x 18 inches. Available. Exhibited with The Pastel Society UK 2022

Fiona Carvell – The Physicality Of Still Life

I’m delighted to introduce you to pastellist Fiona Carvell. I can’t remember when I first came across Fiona’s work but I do remember that I was knocked over when I saw her cool ladle and kitchen utensil paintings. I was already familiar with her money plant still life paintings with their intricate relationships between subjects and their cast shadows and which I love. With the appearance of the reflective series,

Blog cover - what pastels should I buy?

What Pastels Should I Buy?

What pastels should I buy? This is probably the most common question I get from those who are just starting out in soft pastels. And it’s often followed by: I’m so confused!  It’s a simple question, right? But, the answer isn’t so simple.


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