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Stunning pastel paintings - cover

Ten Stunning Pastel Paintings – Be Inspired!

And it’s time for another roundup of stunning pastel paintings! I love going through the paintings I’ve chosen through the past month or so but ohhhhh sometimes it’s really difficult to choose only ten to talk about. Considering the time it takes me to analyse my choices and then write something clear and articulate about

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Pastel painting roundup: feature image

Last Pastel Painting Roundup For 2018!

Ohhhh it’s been awhile since I wrote a pastel painting roundup. They do take me a long time to create – compiling images, making choices, finding something interesting and intelligent to say, writing the piece for each pastel, editing, and final tweaking.  My choices for this pastel painting roundup (and all roundups) are personal as

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Remarkable pastels for August

Remarkable Pastels From August

Whaaaaaaat? Another month gone by and that must mean it’s time for another round-up of remarkable pastels! Interestingly, most of these artists are from Britain – just the way things worked out this month. Also, I want you to note the size of the paintings – you may be surprised! So let’s crack on with

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Juicy pastels for June and July 2018

Juicy Pastels For June and July

Wow, it’s been a busy few months teaching and travelling so my monthly top ten choices have been on the back burner. But I’m back with some juicy pastels for you! Before we get to those pastel choices, I’ve been asked how I make these choices and where I find images. So here’s the deal.

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Awesome pastels for April and May

Awesome Pastels From April And May

Oh. My. Gosh. What a crazy wonderful few weeks of travel and teaching in Spain then Ontario! I’m back home but it’s taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things. And now it’s time for another monthly round-up of awesome pastels. And yes I did gather images even while I

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Startling pastels

Startling Pastels From March

Here we are well into February! I’ve just finished launching my new online-course – Pastels 101- over the last week hence the delay in getting to March’s startling pastels. But here they are so let’s get right into it.  

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February’s awe-inspiring pastels

Awe-Inspiring Pastels From February

I love love LOVE looking at other people’s pastel work! And because this is such a pleasure, it’s also a treat to share some of these awe-inspiring pastels with you each month. I collect so many wonderful pieces through the month and then it comes time to select 10 of them to analyze and share with

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January’s Striking Pastels

We are well into the New Year but we’re still at the start with these picks from January. Many pieces have a subdued feeling. I don’t know if this is a result of the number of subdued paintings I saw and collected over the month or due to my own recent subdued feeling (see last

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December's pastel treasures

December’s Pastel Treasures!

Hey hey, we’re already well into the New Year and happily, I now have December’s pastel treasures ready for your enjoyment. As always, I’ve selected ten pastel paintings from the many I collected throughout the previous month. I look at all the technical aspects but foremost, I make my selections based on a certain something that

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November's Singular pastels

November’s Singular Pastels – Inspiration For Uninspired Days

As we swing down to the end of the year – yes we are in December! – it’s time for another monthly round-up of singular pastels. For some reason, choosing only 10 was particularly difficult this month, and I was tempted to exceed the limit! I stuck to my commitment, however, of selecting only 10

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