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Noticing the face in the shower curtain

The Art Of Noticing

Every day on my walk, there’s at least one thing that will catch my eye. Inevitably the camera (well, my phone) comes out, a pause to compose, and snap. And sometimes, someone else will pause to see what I’m noticing. They may even ask me about what’s caught my eye as there’s nothing obvious, that

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Thumbnail for "Purple Evening"

A Sketchbook Of Thumbnails

The October 31-pastels-in-31-Days Challenge is well behind us now. The primary purpose of the Challenge is to get something painted each and every day. And this can be oh so hard!! One thing that helps me make this daily practice happen is having a sketchbook of thumbnails. Why is this useful? Because a lot of

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Blog featured image - Inches are written with fractions

Inches Are Written With Fractions…Not Decimal Points

Okay, pet peeve coming up! How do you write inches? Let’s say we’re talking about a painting that’s five and a half inches by seven and one eighth inches. Do you write 5 1/2 x 7 1/8 in? Or do you write 5.5 x 7.125 inches? I hope you write the former rather than the

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Favourite art books 2019 stack

My 10 Favourite Art Books From 2019

I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise with my parents, my sweetheart Cam, my sister and brother and their partners. This family gathering was to celebrate my Mum and Dad’s 65th (yes 65th!!) wedding anniversary. The cruise was marvellous in so many ways. It refreshed and reconnected our souls. And it slowed me down…..I took

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