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1:1 Mentorship Programme With Gail Sibley

Do you need 1:1 coaching?

Being an artist is hard work. Full stop. Some days we’re in flow, other days we struggle to paint, to give ourselves grace, to accept that some days our art-making just doesn’t go as planned!

Support and guidance on your art path can be hugely beneficial. This is where mentoring/coaching comes in.

Not sure what you want or need? Here are some ideas:

I’ve helped artists with all of the above situations!

We can cover anything you’re struggling with.

  • Sometimes we come upon an obstacle along our art journey and we need help to get past it.
  • Sometimes we dream up an idea for a new direction but just can’t get going on it.
  • Sometimes we just need someone to challenge us, to push us, to think and believe bigger and say to us, “yes you can!”

That’s what I’m here for! My job is to help you create the art life you want. I’m here to give support, ideas, feedback, and encouragement. I’m here to listen and ask questions, to understand and help you find your way forward.

You’ve decided to make a change. You’ve come here. Now it’s time to make the commitment…to invest in your art life. I’m here to help.

Am I the right mentor for you? I can’t say for sure but you’re probably here because there’s something about the way I work, my being, that resonates with you. I’m here not so much to tell you what to do but to help support you to figure out the answers yourself.

One of the key benefits of art mentoring is accelerated learning. With my guidance, you can progress more quickly than they might do on your own. This is because I can provide personalized instruction, feedback, and critique that is tailored to your needs and skill level. Additionally, I can offer insights and knowledge that you might not have access to on their own. This can help you avoid common mistakes, learn new techniques more quickly, and gain a deeper understanding of your art-makimng journey overall. By working with me, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively than you might have on your own. I hope you’ll consider me as your mentor!

6 months with Gail will accelerate your artistic goals!

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