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rhythm of the challenge: Gail Sibley, "The Breath of Thought (Gallery Goers series)," Unison Colour on UART 400, 8 x 12 in. Available. $600

The Rhythm Of The Challenge – My 31-in-31 2022 Experience

I’m not going to lie to you, staying the course of a 31-day challenge isn’t easy. But having done our 31-pastels-in-31-days Challenge for seven (!) years in a row, I now know that there’s a rhythm to it, a rhythm to the challenge. Let’s have a look at that rhythm and how it relates to

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The Art Of IAPS 2022

I’m sitting in a comfy chair and looking around at the beautiful surroundings, watching people I know and don’t know go by and I hear myself tell myself, “Gail, you are soooo lucky to be here, right now, in this place.” Which place you may ask? The IAPS 2022 Convention at the Hotel Albuquerque in New

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Landscape Painting and Composition cover closeup

Composition in Landscape Painting – A Book Review

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to art-making? Perhaps it’s understanding composition – what it is, why it’s important, and how to use it to improve your painting. Certainly, composition is one of the topics I get asked about most frequently. So when I was given the book entitled, Landscape Painting and Composition: An

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Using Art To Respond To Social Crisis

Using Art To Respond To Social Crisis

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the crises we are currently facing in the world – the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent revelation (again!) of racism, in this instance against black people, as seen in the context of police brutality. We’ve all been appalled by the dispassionate killing of

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Life drawing virtually: 2-minute head and hands in pencil

Life Drawing Virtually – So No Excuses!

Okay, I know you were expecting a guest blog post but life has a way of turning things upside down when you least expect it! Suddenly, we had to postpone the post but not to worry, it will appear later this year. Yay!! In the meantime, it was a bit of a scramble to ‘figure’

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Watching Richard McKinley demo at the SSI Conservancy at Blackburn.

A Richard McKinley Workshop – Notes From My Experience

I am deeply grateful to have participated in a Richard McKinley workshop on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.  Richard McKinley, Pastel Society of America Master Pastelist and Hall of Fame Honoree, is renowned for his ability to teach.  “He’s a great teacher” is the most common phrase I hear about this gentle, talented, and entertaining

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