Bill Creevy offers advice on dealing with artist’s block

Bill Creevy’s Advice

Oh my gosh, I thought I’d already posted this blog and video but found it sitting in drafts. And it’s way too good to waste.

So here it is, a very short video I made at IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies) Convention last June. I asked Bill Creevy, one of my pastel heroes, what to do if you have artist’s block. This is his great advice. (If the video doesn’t show up in the post when you are viewing it, click here.)



Here is some of Bill’s fabulous work. Look at that texture! Look at that light! Look at that composition!

Pastel by Bill Creevy
Pastel by Bill Creevy
Pastel by Bill Creevy
Pastel by Bill Creevy
Pastel by Bill Creevy
Pastel by Bill Creevy


Have you ever had artist’s block? What do you do to overcome it? I’d love to hear!


And if you don’t have Bill Creevy’s book, The Pastel Book, then get it! It’s packed full of interesting ideas. His was one of the first books I bought on pastels and boy was it an eye-opener! I’ll talk more about his book in a future blog.



Contest for Subscribing

I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of the winners so I’ll wait until my next post to announce the names. (You can read a bit more about the contest by clicking here and here.)


Hoping your year has begun really well. Mine sure has 🙂

Until next time,

~ Gail





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2 thoughts on “Bill Creevy offers advice on dealing with artist’s block”

  1. I just discovered your site Gail and will enjoy going through it. Bill Creevy’s “The Pastel Book” has been on my wish list for a while now, and having received an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas, it was the first thing I ordered (along with a set of hard pastels to go with my Senneliers and Schminkes). Can hardly wait for them to arrive!

    1. Hi Lorraine, so good of you to comment. This site is pretty new. I am looking forward to sharing more info on how to pastel as I discover it, be it my own or by others. Wonderful that you are now the owner of Bill Creevy’s book. I found it opened me up to all sorts of possibilities. Please let me know your experiences! Interesting that you added hard pastels to your soft ones. Which ones did you get and what decided you to get them?

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