A new pastel demo video! Holly and Negative Space

The Pastel Demo Video

I’m really happy to tell you that I now have another video up on YouTube. Have a look at the video then let me know what you think. In it, I talk a bit about using negative space. Was it helpful? Did you understand what I meant? Leave me a comment here or in the comment box on YouTube. I’d appreciate your feedback.



Here are a few other pictures you might be interested in:

Holly - subject of the video
Here’s the holly sitting on the shelf
The initial charcoal sketch of the holly
The initial charcoal sketch of the holly


Gail Sibley, "A Sprig of Holly," pastel on paper, 6 x 6 in
Gail Sibley, “A Sprig of Holly,” pastel on paper, 6 x 6 in


The line-up of the Great American soft pastels used
The line-up of the Great American soft pastels used


The Contest Winners!!

In my last post, I promised you the list of winners for my contest (the one I ran to encourage subscribers). I decided that since the response was so great, that I’d draw three winners instead of just one. I also thought to be fair to those who had already found their way to my blog, that I would draw one winner from that list.  I am happy to say everyone received their first choice.

1. Betty A. Atteberry from Florida, USA

2. Irene McKinley from Washington, USA

3. Jon Wilks from England

4. Laura Gabel from Florida, USA

(If you are wondering what this is all about, you can click here to read about it :-))


I’ll talk to you soon!

~ Gail



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4 thoughts on “A new pastel demo video! Holly and Negative Space”

    1. Susan, I usually use a limited palette when I pastel but not necessarily chosen from a limited set of colours. From all the colours I use in the studio, I choose about three colours to get started (light, middle, and dark values) then began to add from there. Everytime I add a pastel colour, I try to use it in as many places as I can. As so I del-impose a limit to the number of pastels I use. Sometimes that may be as high as say 22 but I just don’t keep grabbing at colours. Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if it doesn’t!

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