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Yes, I’ll be teaching in Spain 30 April – 7 May 2018!!

The workshop is organized by French Escapade and from what I’ve heard and read, they do an amazing job to make sure you have the best time ever. Click here to read all about it. The cost covers my teaching, the accommodation, much of the food, and transportation to and from painting sites. I can’t wait!! There’s lots of time to plan for what I know will be an amazing experience!

I can hardly wait to lead a small group of students (min 7, max 12) in a workshop that will cover all the ins and outs of painting in pastels on location. It will be a workshop for all levels of experience. Read more about what I am offering on the French Escapade website.



MISSA 2018 plein air workshop


Where better to develop your en plein air painting skills than in this idyllic location on the southern edge of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada?

Painting “en plein air” means being fully present to the experience of painting on location. As you observe and paint, every sight, sound, smell, and experience in the environment becomes part of your painting. That’s part of the joy that comes with working from life rather than a photo.

In this workshop, we’ll explore all aspects of what it takes to paint on location including creating thumbnails, simplifying a scene, what colours to use, and how to work fast!

The workshop will be held both in the studio and outdoors. I’ll demo, give one-on-one guidance,  and conduct group critiques at the end of each day.

Click here to read more details and register for the workshop!


9 thoughts on “Upcoming Painting Holiday Workshops

  1. Elliott West

    Hi Gail,
    I am interested in updates/info. Concerning your 2018 plein air France workshop. I am a relatively new follower of yours and just love what I’ve seen and learned thus far. Thank you for your willingness to share your abundant knowledge.
    Elliott West

  2. Chris Carter

    Hi Gail,

    I enjoy your work and website. As an old Guy I don’t do international travel any longer but
    I live in Comox on Vancouver island . Are you planning any workshops here on the Coast ?

    Chris Carter

    1. Gail Sibley

      Hi Chris,
      Good to hear from you and know you are enjoying my stuff 🙂
      I did just offer a workshop at Peninsula Gallery. The answer to your question is yes, I’d like to. Is there anyone else up your way who would be interested in a workshop? It would be great to offer a workshop in Nanaimo/Comox Valley region!

  3. Patricia Barbero

    I live in Calgary so i would LOVE a workshop in the West Coast!
    Or why not Calgary itself? Banff is very close and we have some amazing parks / downtown area / rivers (2), historic village and fort to paint in town. I can help organize it if you need assistance with that…

    1. Gail Sibley

      Patricia, let’s do it!! Your help to organize something either in Calgary or Banff will make it happen. Please email me!
      I do have the occasional workshop out here on the west coast – sometimes on Salt Spring Island.


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