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December’s Pastel Choices

On this last day of 2014, I’m delighted to present my totally subjective pastel choices for December. As always, soooooooo difficult to choose. I sifted through all my choices seen throughout December over and over again, weeding one here, one there, until I had about 15 left. And then I was at the point when I didn’t think I could narrow my choices down any further.

But I promised.

10 only.

So I looked and looked and then looked some more and finally, I ended up with the 10 pastel choices that make my heartbeat quicken when I look at them.

Which one of the the 10 pastel choices does that for you??

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Pastel Gems – November’s Choices

The Pastel Gems

It’s the end of November already and it’s time for another gathering of pastels that have wowed me over the past month. Extremely hard choices again this month especially with everyone posting their pieces accepted into the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Online show. (The show will available for viewing in December at this website.) Over and over the possibilities I went. Always hard to make the cuts but as I said back in September when I started this monthly feature, I’m keeping it to ten pastel gems only!

Okay, let’s go take a look.

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Pastel Gems: October’s Round-Up!

At the end of last month, I posted the first of these ‘pastel gems’ blogs. It was a very informal, totally personal selection of pastel gems that came across my computer screen through the month of September. It was so well received, I’ve decided to make it a monthly feature.

Last time I said I would keep my choices to only 10. Was I crazy???? That’s waaaaaaay too difficult! But yeah, I know, I promised.

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Pastel Gems: A Monthly Round-Up

I got thinking the other day (oh yeah!). While cruising around the web, I see so many inspiring, delightful, surprising, beautiful pastels done by artists working today. So, my plan is, at the end of each month, to share a few of the pastel gems that caught my eye. There will be many to choose from but I promise to keep the selection to 10 and under. That’s gonna be difficult I know!

So let’s get cracking! Remember to keep an eye on the sizes of these pastel gems.

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