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5 Lessons Learnt From The Loss Of My Tech Guy

WARNING: This blog post is text heavy, visual light!    A few weeks ago, my tech guy Terry Bower, died unexpectedly. For a week plus, I was in shock. I was scared, I felt vulnerable, I was angry. I was also grieving for this man who had not only been helping with techy things for almost a year but also had been evolving into a friend. This blog is going to be a bit different. It’s about the lessons learnt from this man’s death.


Lessons Learnt: Path into the light of life

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"Even after decades I find portrait painting a challenge. Getting a facial expression just right is a real task! Everything must work together well in order to get a likeness. Working and re-working many areas seems to be the frustrating norm, but with perseverance there is a big reward. You have a taste of the steps I follow and teach in workshops. These steps apply regardless of what I am painting."

Lisa Ober – An Artist’s Life Seen Through The lens Of The Painting Process

Do I have a treat for you!! Lisa Ober is this month’s guest blogger. I’ve admired Lisa’s work for sometime now. She does these large, often colourful (that appeals to me!), super realism pieces in pastels. I featured “Blue Vases” in one of my monthly round-ups. Click here to see it and while you’re there, notice the size! This is what Lisa had to say about the piece:  Continue reading

Daggi Wallace, "Elliott," pastel, 12 x 12 in

Daggi Wallace On The Ins And Outs Of Commissioned Work

For some time now, I have admired the work of Daggi Wallace. I featured one of her paintings in my October pastel choices. I knew Daggi did a lot of commissions and thought info on doing commissioned work would be a great topic for a blog. Happily, when I asked Daggi to write a guest blog, she agreed. And as you’ll find, she has a lot of valuable information for you!

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Jamie Markle on how to get published (don’t we all want to know??)

Jamie Markle is the publisher of …. He’s a sweet guy always available to help and offer advice. If you want to get published, listen to what he has to say! I made this short video while I was at the 10th IAPS pastel convention in Albuquerque.

Take his words to heart and get working on what you have to do. I need to do the same!!

Please share any experience with publishing. I’d love to hear from you.

~ Gail

Alan Flattmann offers the secret (or not so secret) to becoming a successful artist

While I was at the 2013 IAPS Convention, I had the pleasure of meeting the New Orleans gentleman artist and author, Alan Flattmann. I’ve always admired his architectural pastels and also his ability to make a living as an artist.

And so I asked him the question, “What does an artist have to do to move towards success. He had many things to say. Here’s my short interview with him:




Here’s a couple of examples of his work:


Alan Flattmann, "Tujague's on a Rainy Night," pastel on granular board, 24 x 18 in

Alan Flattmann, “Tujague’s on a Rainy Night,” pastel on granular board,           24 x 18 in

Alan Flattmann, "Dry Creek in Autumn," pastel on granular board, 14 x 18 in

Alan Flattmann, “Dry Creek in Autumn,” pastel on granular board, 14 x 18 in

Alan has produced a couple of books. They are:


Check out Alan Flattmann’s website for more info and images.


What did you think of Alan’s advice to artists? I’d love to hear from you!


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