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A monthly selection of 10 pastels chosen from the many seen throughout that month

March's Notable Pastels: Leo Loomie, "Cross Wave," pastel on UART 600 mounted on archival foamcore, 24 x 36 in

March’s Notable Pastels

I can’t believe the first quarter of the year has gone. Anyone else think those three months went by in a flash?? Well, yup, it’s the beginning of April so it’s time for me to choose ten notable pastels from the many I collected over March. These are paintings that either reached out and grabbed me or those that worked themselves quietly into my soul. In both cases, I keep returning to them. And then comes the hard part – after choosing only ten, articulating why I have chosen March’s notable pastels. Okay, let’s go look at them.

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January's Noteworthy Pastels: Tom Bailey, "Peace in the Valley," pastel on multimedia board, 18 x 24 in

January’s Noteworthy Pastels

Well I promised you a round-up for of January’s noteworthy pastels after missing the December edition due to the DK Project so here it is!

It’s interesting how sometimes in some of these monthly posts themes emerge and subjects repeat. That’s certainly the case this month. See if you can spot what I mean among January’s noteworthy pastels!

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November's Terrific Pastels: Jessica Masters, "Wave III," pastel, 24 x 36 in

November’s Terrific Pastels!

Writing this blog, I look up and notice there’s SNOW on the ground! Whaaaaaat? It’s December in Canada so I guess that makes sense, mostly makes sense, except that we West Coasters are more used to rain in the winter and above zero degrees (centigrade) temperatures! All this to say, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and wintertime. And hurray, the solstice is around the corner so for us in the northern hemisphere, that means the return of the sun. Yay!! (Sorry to rub it in southerners…) Oh yes, and it’s time for November’s terrific pastels so let’s get cracking!

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October's Superb Pastels: Maria Marino, "Birds on a Wire - Susquehanna River Bridge," pastel on La Carte, 12 x 16 in

October’s Superb Pastels

Ahhhhh yes…it’s time for another monthly roundup of ten superb pastels. I’m always hopeful that one of these months it’ll be a breeze to select the 10 from the many I collect over the month….and then to wrote about them. Hasn’t happened yet. So after much time struggling to choose this month’s choices, here they are, October’s superb pastels!


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September's Sensational Pastels: Ken Pledger, "Simone," pastel, 13 x 14 in

September’s Sensational Pastels (and being in Pratique Des Arts)

Ahhhhhh it’s that time of month to share my pick of 10 sensational pastels from the oh so many I saw last month. Because the Pastel Society of America’s annual show, Enduring Brilliance, took place this month, there were even more to choose from. (I didn’t go to the actual page but rather selected pieces as they were posted on various Facebook groups. It’s worth taking a look at all the pieces in the show though! Click here to do so.)

I started with 83 pastels and arrived at 10 after long, looooooong deliberation. So many incredibly beautiful pastels. But before we get to September’s sensational pastels, I’d like to share some pretty cool news.

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August's Astonishing Pastels: Natasha Isenhour, "Streetlight and Silence," pastel, 14 x 18 in

August’s Astonishing Pastels- Let Them Motivate You!

It’s Labour Day and on this grey, cool day in September, I’m writing about astonishing pastels chosen from the glorious many I saw in August. These are pastels that in some way moved me to share them with you be it their colour and design, their emotional resonance, their success with values. My ten pastel picks may not necessarily be award winners but there’s a certain something that calls to me. August’s astonishing pastels are personal and subjective choices for sure.

Let’s go have a look!

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May's Marvellous Pastels: Denali Brooke, "Ghost Ranch Morning," plein air pastel, 5 x10 in

May’s Marvellous Pastels

Yay! It’s time for another pastel round-up. Apologies for the delay. I was in Ontario last week teaching at the ICAN Pastel Conference (fabulous experience and students!!) and also visiting my sister and her family. Then, on my return home, I headed straight into a five-day workshop which just ended today. I pulled this blog post together over a series of evenings and here it is finally! I started with 81 choices and, as always, was distressed about cutting down the list to only 10! Let’s have a look at May’s marvellous pastels.

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