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A monthly selection of 10 pastels chosen from the many seen throughout that month

February’s awe-inspiring pastels

Awe-Inspiring Pastels From February

I love love LOVE looking at other people’s pastel work! And because this is such a pleasure, it’s also a treat to share some of these awe-inspiring pastels with you each month. I collect so many wonderful pieces through the month and then it comes time to select 10 of them to analyze and share with you. Hope you are both awed and inspired by them!

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January’s Striking Pastels

We are well into the New Year but we’re still at the start with these picks from January. Many pieces have a subdued feeling. I don’t know if this is a result of the number of subdued paintings I saw and collected over the month or due to my own recent subdued feeling (see last blog). Whatever the reason, enjoy this collection of ten striking pastels!

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December's pastel treasures

December’s Pastel Treasures!

Hey hey, we’re already well into the New Year and happily, I now have December’s pastel treasures ready for your enjoyment.

As always, I’ve selected ten pastel paintings from the many I collected throughout the previous month. I look at all the technical aspects but foremost, I make my selections based on a certain something that comes through. I try to understand and then share what that certain something is in my analysis of each painting. Often it takes time to sit and be with the painting before I truly see why it appeals to me. I also try to curate a selection that covers different styles and genres to inspire you with the magical potential of pastels!

Let’s take a look….

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November's Singular pastels

November’s Singular Pastels – Inspiration For Uninspired Days

As we swing down to the end of the year – yes we are in December! – it’s time for another monthly round-up of singular pastels. For some reason, choosing only 10 was particularly difficult this month, and I was tempted to exceed the limit! I stuck to my commitment, however, of selecting only 10 singular pastels and here they are!

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October's outstanding pastels

October’s Outstanding Pastels To Inspire You!

It’s November. That means it’s time for October’s outstanding pastels! Every month I gather pastel paintings that catch my eye then at the beginning of the month I choose ten outstanding pastels to share with you. These choices are very subjective and I attempt here to explain many of the aspects of a work that caught my attention.

So let’s go have a look!

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September's Splendid Pastels: collage

September’s Splendid Pastels

I’m back from teaching my workshop in Croatia and so can now settle back into taking the time to collect, review, select, and write something about pastel paintings seen over the previous month. And so here is September’s collection of ten splendid pastels!

Each painting we look at is not only about the artist’s intentions but also what we as a viewer bring to it – our memories, experiences, biases. I say this as a reminder that the paintings I choose and what I say about them is personal and subjective (unlike judging a show!).

So let’s get going on this month’s splendid pastels!

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July's uncommon pastel paintings: collage of details of eight of the paintings

July’s 10 Uncommon Pastel Paintings

We are well into August but still not too late for my roundup of ten uncommon pastel paintings selected from all the work collected over the month of July.

Each choice brings with it some thoughts as I examine and ponder the paintings. As always, you’ll find a range of styles and subjects. And remember, these are truly personal and subjective picks, paintings that move me or capture my attention in some way. I select many paintings through the month. In the days leading up to this post, I slowly whittle the choice down to ten. This time I got to about 16 picks and was stuck. A couple of pieces were by artists I had recently featured so I let go of those and then thirteen were left. After writing notes and seeing which I could really speak about, I determined the final ten uncommon pastel paintings.

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June’s Unique Pastels – All Manner Of Subjects And Styles In Pastel

Can someone please tell me how in the world we’re already halfway through the year?! I mean really! Okay so it’s July which means it’s time fooooorrrr (drum roll) June’s unique pastels! Here are the ten I’ve chosen from the many pastel paintings collected over the month of June. As always, I’ve tried to cover different genres and styles. And as always they are a very personal choice. I look forward to hearing your response!

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May's Impressive Pastels collage of eight

May’s Impressive Pastels

It’s June!! The months fly by don’t they? So let’s have a look at my picks for May. As always, I collected a number of impressive pastels through the month, anything and everything that appealed to me. Then I whittled it down to ten (this is NOT easy!). Part of the selection process as I get closer to the allotted ten is to make sure I have something to say about the pieces. “Wow” just doesn’t cut it! And so, I came to these choices. Let’s have a look!


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