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DK’s Book – Artist’s Drawing Techniques – It’s Here!

The postman delivered a very special package yesterday – two brand new, hot-off-the-press copies of DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques. The pastel section of this book is filled with my pastel paintings as well as my words about the techniques and about my beliefs around working in pastels.

Before reading further, refresh your memory about this project by clicking here to read my blog about how it came about and the work I’d done for it in January.

I worked on this project for the first three months of this year – intense but rewarding days of painting, writing, editing, emailing. It was wonderful but I sure couldn’t keep up for that pace for many months! The project required completion by the end of March (hence the intensity) so there was no Mexico winter getaway for us this year 🙁

But when I opened this gorgeous book, I knew that all the work and the sacrifice of other projects and travel were worth it!

What’s strange is seeing the rest of the book. I was in my own world of creating, only vaguely aware that there were two other artists working in the pastel section and even less aware about what was going on in the four other sections of the book – pencil, charcoal, pen, coloured pencil. I haven’t spent much time with it yet but WOW – so much info and beautiful work here.

So what to show you?

How about the spreads showing the paintings I revealed to you in the January blog?

Right. First there’s the “Returning Home” painting. I created this for the ‘Darkening Colours’ spread. Sometimes when you’re working with a limited palette with very few darks, you have to resort to using black – eek! This spread shows you how I do that – lay down the black first then add the dark colours you do have over it. (This photo doesn’t show the subtleties of colour over the black – in right top corner).


Darkening Colours spread from DK's Artist's Drawing Techniques

Darkening Colours spread from DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques


Rather than decide between the two tulip paintings I had done, the DK editors and design team decided to include both! This was in the ‘To Blend or Not To Blend’ spread. I loved painting the tulips (one of my favourite subjects) in different colour schemes – same group of tulips but a different set of pastels – one bright and the other more subdued.


'To Blend or Not To Blend' spread in DK's Artist's Drawing Techniques book.

‘To Blend or Not To Blend’ spread in DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques book.


And yup, that’s my hand you see in many of the images. It was quite something to hold the camera with one hand (and not letting it slip!) and pastel with the other AND end up with a clean, non-blurry image!

Here’s the painting I did for ‘Mixing Neutrals’. I do like this painting with its fairly muted colours and the mysterious conversation in the background!


'Mixing Neutrals' spread in DK's Artist's Drawing Techniques.

‘Mixing Neutrals’ spread in DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques.


And lastly, here’s the cat, all done! This is the spread on ‘Scumbling’. It was a real task coming up with compelling subjects that were not only appealing to look at but that would also demonstrate a specific technique in the most revealing and practical way.


'Stumbling' spread for DK's Artist's Drawing Techniques.


It’s quite something to see my work and thoughts reproduced in the pages of this wonderful book. I feel grateful and honoured to have had this opportunity.

I created 16 spreads for DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques and these are only four of them. They are merely a teaser! I’m hoping by now you may be intrigued enough to buy the book 🙂 Here are the links. The first is for US and International buyers and the second for Canadians. I don’t get royalties from the sale but I do get a wee commission from Amazon if you purchase through one of my links.


Things can happen when you least expect them. I encourage you to ride the wave of opportunity; be open for when it comes by.

Tell me one amazing thing that’s happened to you this year!!


Until next time,

~ Gail


PS. Most of the paintings done for this book are still available for purchase!!

PPS. If you do purchase the book, and you like it, I hope you’ll consider leaving a review on Amazon 🙂

24 thoughts on “DK’s Book – Artist’s Drawing Techniques – It’s Here!

  1. Elaine Benevides

    I just bought it! The little you showed of the book looks amazing! Now to find the time to read through it when it arrives. Maybe I’ll save it to look at on my flight to Croatia!!

    1. Gail Sibley Post author

      Whoo hoo! Elaine I know you are going to love the whole thing!! It might be an interesting read for your flight to the workshop. (And we can go over it when we are there.) But may be a bit heavy!

  2. Mary Planding

    Nicely done Gail! Congratulations! You clearly did a great deal of work and the results show. Beautiful paintings, great information. Thank you!

  3. Jane Hart

    Hi, Gail! Congratulations on having your work and your pastel painting thoughts included in this book! Your paintings are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing the book. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Debbie Harding

    Congratulations! I just started following you at the suggestion of a friend. I am so happy for you, for the opportunity you have had with DK.

    Something new and unexpected that happened for me is that, after numerous attempts over the past 8 years, I have had a piece, titled “Consider the Sparrow,” juried into the PSWC’s annual USA International Open Exhibition! I just found out about it a couple of days ago, and like you, had intense emotion as I sat there reading the acceptance letter. So, the take away from this is, keep at it. Don’t give up!

    1. Gail Sibley Post author

      Thanks Debbie. And thanks so much for leaving a comment!
      Love your wonderful news. There’s nothing quite like getting that acceptance notice, particularly after a series of rejections.
      And yes, good message, don’t give up!

  5. Michele Ashby

    Hi Gail,
    What dizzying heights eh… the sky is not the limit for you!!
    Love your blog and all that you teach us – the design of the pages in this book show off your work beautifully, there is air around your images allowing the focus to fall perfectly on them!!
    Well done Mexico – Pah who needs a holiday!!
    Go girl
    Michele xx

  6. marsha schauer

    Gail, congratulations! I will buy this book. I have learned a lot from you, your blog, the HTP facebook page. The biggest challenge for me this year has been selling my house and downsizing to a condo. Now, it is figuring out a space to work and practice art. Ha! I think we need challenges in life.

    1. Gail Sibley Post author

      It makes my heart sing to hear about all your learning and to know I’m helping along the way.
      Oh yes, downsizing – a challenge indeed. And absolutely, carve out that studio space, no matter how small!

    1. Gail Sibley Post author

      Casey you’re right – there’s something about being in a BOOK, something lasting. It’s pretty marvellous. And that’s for the vote of confidence and perhaps even a nudge in the book developing direction…. 😀

  7. Lynn Howarth

    So happy to read this wonderful news! To be able to inspire is a wonderful gift Gail and you have that in spades! I totally agree that pastel should be up there with oil and acrylic and its down to all of us to make that happen! Lets keep on pushing the boundaries and show the art world how important pastel is! Onwards and upwards we go!
    Lynn x

    1. Gail Sibley Post author

      Yes yes YES!!! With commitment, persistence, and passion, we can do it!!
      And thank you for your kind remarks. It’s my hope to inspire others and to hear you say I’m doing that makes me very happy!!

  8. dominique Paillardet

    Congratulations from a French fan!! I soo enjoy your blog, and your cheerful (as well as very useful) comments : keep it up Gail!
    Dom from Lyon


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