When Plans Go Sideways…..

When plans go sideways, what to do? You write a blog post about it.

I had a plan. Really I did. And it was a good one. Shoot video, edit, upload to YouTube, and write a post. No problem right? Wrong! I shot the videos alright but the problem came when I tried to upload them to my computer. I got this message: “Unreadable File.” Really? Really? I’ve uploaded from this camcorder many times so what was the problem now?

Luckily my computer is under warranty so I called Apple. The first person I talked to hadn’t heard of this problem before and so after an hour of trying this and that, she decided it was better to pass me on to the photo support dept.

The next person, same thing – hadn’t ever run into this before. We were on the call trying various things for over an hour. Nothing’s working and when I look at the clock, on top of all this frustration, I see that I’m going to miss my dance class (which by now, I desperately need!).

Finally the guy says he’ll soon be leaving work so suggests continuing the detective work tomorrow. Great. No videos to edit so no blog post with video for you. But it did mean if I hurried, I could make my class and dance out all this arrrrgghhhhh at Nia.


That was yesterday.


Today I realized one of the last things we did on the call was update my computer system, one of those eensy weensy updates. But heck, why not try the camcorder again. And wouldn’t you know it, that wee update made all the difference and the videos started uploading.

But hold your horses, don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched. For some reason 6 of the 15 video clips wouldn’t upload and a new error message comes up. Here we go again.

Walk away Gail before you do something you’ll regret (like beating up your computer).

So I do that. I go water the garden, take in the lovely warm weather and return, sighing, to sit in front of my computer. And try again. I open the camcorder but this time it doesn’t do anything – it won’t shut off, it won’t record, it won’t upload, it won’t do anything. Good thing I was by myself in the house so I could swear a blue streak and yell and stamp my feet. Yes boys and girls, it wasn’t a pretty sight.


When Plans Go Sideways: a photo of me in my studio looking happy - NOT how I was that day!

Not a very accurate photo of me today!


I then had the brain wave to take the photo card thingy and try it in an older camera. Yay – it fit! So, I go to upload. And this is the message I read: No Photos. Yup you read that correctly. No photos on the photo card. How had I erased everything?? At this point, I could have cried if I wasn’t so, you know, such a cool cat (right!). I just said, “Well, that’s that work down the drain” and went off to the library to pick up some books and some movies with which to console myself later.


It was on this outing that I decided that I would write this very blog. And you may ask, what did I learn from all this?? And I’ll tell you.

First, it’s good to have a way of working off steam – that’s dance for me! Also, a good fast work around the block helps too.

Second and third, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and have a back-up plan. Here’s the scoop. I didn’t have an idea for the blog that followed my end of month favourites. So then I thought since I hadn’t made a Pastel Painting Tip video in some time, that I’d make one. I put everything into doing that without having a back-up plan. So then I was caught with my proverbial pants down and found myself in an even more desperate situation. So desperate that I’m writing this and hoping it will keep you reading and some good comes of it.

Fourth, no matter how much I work at it, letting go is hard. It’s an ongoing process. It’s so easy to get attached to the effort and hard work and even when I know I cannot use or access it, I still try to find ways to do so. That was me today and yesterday.

Fifth, computer updates can be useful!

And sixth, get back on that dang horse even if it feels scary and useless and whatever other negative things you can tell yourself. Just get yourself up, dust yourself off, and do it all over again (hey that’s a song isn’t it?). The easy way out is to give up.

So how’s that for a blog post? Did any of this resonate with you? How do you cope when plans go sideways? I’d love to hear so please leave a comment.


Thanks for hearing my rant! 🙂


Until next time,

~ Gail


PS. Good things come to those who let go, have patience, move on. Tonight after writing this blog, I decided to pick up the camcorder again. I had unplugged it so let the battery ran dry. I plugged it in then reinserted the video card. And surprise surprise, the camcorder came alive and did its normal thing ie. I could record, touch the screen, and when I pushed the display button, all my videos were there!! Hallelujah!! So then I clicked on the missing videos one at a time and uploaded them. And it seems, right at this moment, they are all on my computer. So…look out for that video in my next post!! All’s well that ends well…..


10 thoughts on “When Plans Go Sideways…..

  1. Kerry

    A tip if you don’t do it is to format your card between each photo/video shoot as problems can occur when the card hasn’t been formatted for a long time. File formats are usually specific to each camera which is why the older one probably didn’t recognise any files. I look forward to seeing the next post!

    P.S. Is there any chance of you doing a pastel of a fall leaf?

    1. Gail Post author

      Kerry, thanks for the tip!! I had no idea about doing that and will do so….once I figure out how 🙂

      A pastel of a fall leaf – do mean like a maple leaf? a single leaf that has fallen in the fall?

      1. kerry

        Yes a maple leaf or a group of leaves.

        If you have never formatted the card that could very well be the reason for the problem. I do it after every download.

  2. Stephen

    Isn’t technology a pain in the neck? Talk about capricious! I’m so glad that it decided, finally, to do what you required of it.

    Personally, I can benefit from as many tutorial videos as you care to show us, so I look forward to this one.


  3. Michele

    Gail, your positive reaction (including the ventilation episode) probably means you’ll live to a ripe old age. I love it when bloggers reveal their own struggles. This story is all the more inspiring for me after spending a week or so with my own computer problems, and finally walking away from the darn thing for a while. Maybe digital tools changed the way we live mostly for the better, and we won’t really know until we’ve matured in our usage of these tools, as Sherry Turkle says. I find that just unplugging from the devices is heavenly–good for reigniting the imagination and return to our ancient natural selves, whether dancing, seeing, or appreciating the natural world in any season. Thanks for your work. Your monthly painting favorites are always a treat.

    1. Gail Post author

      Aww thanks Michele! It took me time (and like I said, a feeling of desperation!) to reveal what had been going on. I hoped it would be interesting and valuable enough to read.
      Digital tools have definitely changed the way we live and I think generally for the better. But as you say, unplugging can be such a great relief!
      Glad you are enjoying the blogs. I appreciate you taking the time to write and share your own story.


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