18 thoughts on “A very good place to start!

  1. Susan

    Hi Gail,
    What a wonderful blog! Just received your email with the most recent video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with so much enthusiasm ! Happy Holidays.

  2. Robert Sloan

    Love the site, it’s easy to navigate, enjoy your videos, love your palette and especially your bright small format paintings! I’m more into representational art than abstracts, personal taste, and I’m a cat lover becoming a cat specialist as a pastelist.

    So here’s a personal challenge for you – can you paint a gray tabby cat or a brown shaded Siamese cat using your limited palette of spectrum colors? I know how I’d do it, but I would love to see what you do with my favorite subject. My cat is a long haired Siamese so he’s my favorite model – I don’t have to rely entirely on photos for him and can always check color and markings by looking at the real animal even when I’ve captured a fleeting moment with my camera.

    1. Gail Post author

      Thanks for the compliments Robert 🙂

      I love cats myself but don’t have a cat companion. I do prefer to work from life but if you would like to send me a selection of photos, I’d be happy to take up your challenge!!

  3. Valeri Chelini

    Hi Gail!
    I discovered your blog by accident a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading several articles, including this video. This is my first time commenting and I want to thank you for the opportunity to How to Pastel.
    Hope your tutorials and master-classes help me to understand what is Pastel is first hand.
    Thank you, Gail.

  4. Susan j Wachob

    I can’t thank you enough to for all of the dedication, posts, hints and encouragement I have received from HowToPastel. I just voted and hope you win! Looking forward to reading your blog, it keeps getting in my junk file is there a way to remedy that ?

    1. Gail Sibley

      Susan, that’s so wonderful to hear. It really is motivation to keep at it especially on days when I might not feel so energized! Thanks for the vote and yes it would be fun to win. As to going in your junk folder, perhaps add me and my email address to your contact list. That should help. Thanks again Susan for your kind comments!


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